8. Twisting


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Booth H2-B101

For more than 170 years, Saurer has been driving the transformation of the textile industry. We are a highly innovative company constantly looking for suitable solutions for future trends. We support the textile industry in the areas of sustainability, digitisation, and automation. For decades, sustainability has been an important part of Saurer's vision for the future. Upcoming European Union (EU) directives will promote sustainable production and consumer behaviour to reduce the environmental impact of textiles. Saurer supports its customers towards a circular economy. We offer many new features to optimise the processing of recycled fibres.

The CompactTwister can twist recycled yarns, thus increasing the yarn properties like strength, elongation and evenness for the downstream process. The advanced spindle and drive design of CompactTwister offers low power consumption and short doffing time combined with a low yarn breakage rate. Balloon limiters, energy-saving spindles, optimised drives and many other features on our twisting and cabling machines result in significant energy savings.

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