6. Knitting and Product Design

Process Partner

The Bache knitting factory was founded in 1927 by Otto Bache in Apolda / Thuringia, the German knitting stronghold at the time. Great-grandson Dipl.-Ing. Thorsten Bache took over the knitting factory in 2005 and converted the sole proprietorship into a limited liability company.

Seamless knitwear still accounts for 80 percent of Bache INNOVATIVE's turnover. Since the beginning of March 2020, the 22 flat knitting machines have been running in an approximately 800-square-metre hall at Industriestrasse 4, with a further 250 square metres of offices, a large conference room and a spacious foyer with showroom character.

Bache's know-how and professional competence make the company a reliable partner for all fashion designers for whom first-class quality, fast implementation and "Made in Germany" are important. In close and cooperative collaboration, Bache INNOVATIVE converts even unusual ideas into knitting patterns and produces the desired collection from small series of 100 pieces per size up to several 1000 pieces.

The sweater is knitted with twisted and steamed ring spun yarns (65% recycled cotton and 35% polyester). This reduces the curling tendency of the yarns and avoids skewing in the finished sweater. It was manufactured as a zero-waste product (3D / fully fashion knitting process) so that costly ready-made processes and production waste are eliminated. Improving the processing of yarns from recycled fibre materials into attractive, sustainable textile products with a regional production chain in Germany promotes small and medium-sized enterprises with high innovation potential in the long term and the goals of the "European Green Deal" for an efficient resource economy.

Contact persons

Thorsten Bache

Owner and Managing Director

+49 28 43-90 37 63


 Industriestraße 4
D-47495 Rheinberg